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The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy (Diploma)

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Diploma course – Including Facial Diagnostics




The most comprehensive course on the subject of Schuessler’s Biochemistry

  • The fundamentals of Biochemistry accorded to Dr. Schuessler (Tissue Salts No. 1 – 12)
  • Describes individually each of the 12 mineral salts
  • Signs and symptoms of deficiencies (patient history)
  • The use of and the art of Facial Diagnostics and Diagnostics generally
  • Treatments – Prescriptions – Doses; and the important aspect of detecting why there are deficiencies of these essential elements. By use of these methods, applied to the proven science of Biochemic Therapy, seeks to teach the student how to treat the cause rather than the signs and symptoms of the disease
  • and more…